Shrink Sleeving

Shrink Sleeving is a cost effective way to enhance the look and feel of a product.

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From premium whisky bottles, soft drinks, laundry detergents and household cleaners we’ve helped to turn everyday items into eye catching, attention grabbing products.

Mailway not only provide a service which sees its highly experienced team automatically apply sleeves at high speed on to glass and plastic containers, but we also offer an option to hand sleeve for smaller volumes.

Using steam or dry heat, Mailway can shrink sleeve on a continuous line, which in turn improves efficiency and turnaround times.

Mailway can also shrink wrap an individual item or combine two products together to create a single unit that can be used to support multipack promotions.

Taking a plain product, Mailway work with clients to meet their specific requirements and create a shelf ready package. Whether presenting a new product, a limited edition or to support a promotional campaign, shrink sleeving through Mailway Packaging Solutions is a cost effective and time efficient option to enhance the look and feel of your product.

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