Hand Assembly

At Mailway we understand that some products need a helping hand when it comes to being perfectly presented, which is why we offer a reliable and efficient hand packing service when attention to detail is paramount.

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Assembling a premium gift pack, handling a delicate product or packing a fiddly item are all part of Mailway’s hand packing service, which can be tailored to meet with individual requests. But it’s not just about putting together snacking packs or hand tying confectionery bags; we can also sort, re-label and rework to fulfil an order.

Offering both hand packing and automation Mailway, through its experience and expertise, will recommend the option that is right for the product and also right for the brand.

Through our innovative approach, experience and market expertise, Mailway work to orders of all sizes and no matter how complicated the process, can work quickly and efficiently to meet customers’ expectations and requirements.

Whether you are a confectioner looking for a hands-on approach to your packaging needs or a marketer looking for a unique gift pack which stands out on shelf, Mailway can help you to present your product exactly how you wish.

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