Sunpaq Offers Whisky Maximum Shelf Appeal

Find a packaging solution for Highland Cross, a finely blended Scottish whisky, which gives the product maximum shelf appeal.

The Idea

Finding a cost effective retail packaging option, which gives brands more display options than ever before, can deliver brands a high point-of-purchase impact on the shelves.

The Challenge

Mailway wanted to find something that rivalled the expensive blister packs and clam packs packaging options, where the product can still be displayed with total visibility, both front and back.

The Solution

SunPaq®, a premium visual carded packaging option, combines the best of blister, skin and shrink packaging solutions. It is more cost effective, offers retailers a huge number of display options and it also has the added bonus of being fully recyclable.

These different styles all utilise the same tough, yet thin, film product-cover that protects the product and enhances its appearance. Shaped cards can also be used with every style, while the potential also exists for left-hand / right-hand complementing product placements – a promotional technique that not only increases the appeal of a product, but also dramatically increases shelf density.

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