Expert Shrink Sleeving

Develop a packaging solution for Asda’s own-brand ‘Tiny but Tough’ concentrated liquid laundry detergent.

The Idea

By applying shrink sleeves to empty polypropylene bottles, prior to them being filled with detergent, Asda would have cost effective, shelf ready, eye-catching packaging for its value-for-money own branded product.

The Challenge

The shape and size of the bottle meant Mailway had to develop a process that used steam to achieve the desired result, but also ensure the polypropylene bottles didn’t melt during the shrink sleeving process.

The Solution

Mailway’s technical team worked closely with the sleeve printer, Triflex Productions, and McBride, the UK’s largest private label home care manufacturer, to solve the technical problems.

The bottles were sleeved automatically and used radiant pre shrink followed by steam shrinking to produce an excellent end product.

We were delighted by Mailway’s can-do approach. The team viewed the project as a challenge rather than a problem, went away and devised a solution that proved ideal for all parties.
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