Developing Eco-Friendly Packaging

Develop a packaging solution for Nude Skincare’s new luxury range of ethical cosmetics.

The Idea

Nude cosmetics aims to use fully-recyclable products across all areas of production so Mailway needed to ensure the packaging reflects the brands' eco-friendly origins.

The Challenge

A material manufactured from biodegradable starch that also used low-toxicity inks was used that had never before been used as a primary form of decoration. It was a real challenge to achieve the desired high quality finish for the products when using such a difficult material.

The Solution

Mailway’s team researched a number of different techniques before arriving at a shrink sleeving process that allowed them to deliver a professional finish without causing any damage to the delicate material.

What’s more, Mailway not only ensured the packaging was made entirely from recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials, but that it could economically produce the quantities needed to offer it to a mass market.

We wanted to use the biodegradable material to keep our packaging as responsible as possible, while maintaining a premium look and feel. Mailway showed the ability to work within these parameters to deliver the perfect packaging solution.
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