Aseptic Microwavable Packaging Solution

Provide Mars Consumer Drinks with a premium high comfort paper cup for their microwavable drink range; Moment du Chocolat®, Galaxy®, Maltesers® hot chocolate drinks.

The Idea

Mailway needed to develop a packaging solution that kept the outside of the cup comfortably warm after microwaving, while the drink inside is piping hot.

The Challenge

Develop a bespoke production line in order to cope with the unique requirements of the task, before then automating the process to reduce the price per unit to an acceptable level.

The Solution

Mailway developed an aseptic microwaveable cup-in-cup packaging solution, working hard to establish an initial production line for the trial volumes which automated the process sufficiently to drive out cost.

Once the packaging solution proved to be a huge success, Mailway developed a fully automated system to enable the right price point to be hit and to prepare for the increased volume demand.

The packaging needed to reflect café quality, while at the same time providing the kind of strength and durability required from long life, microwavable products. We have been very impressed at Mailway’s creativity in finding a packing solution for us.
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