Flow Wrapping Promotional Campaign with Aunt Bessie's

To help Aunt Bessie’s deliver an in-pack promotional campaign for their leading Yorkshire Pudding range.

The Idea

By inserting exclusive money-off vouchers into its fastest selling Yorkshire Pudding packs, Aunt Bessie’s could generate some excellent cross-selling opportunities for other products.

The Challenge

With the high volumes being handled, Mailway needed to develop an effective high-speed automated process of printing and inserting the coupons directly into the packaging, without impacting on tight manufacturing deadlines.

The Solution

Using perforated bandoliers and specialist flow wrap material, strings of sealed coupons were separated and inserted individually into the packaging, prior to the filling and sealing process.

Bandolier format packaging is an exact art because the material, tension and perforations need to be just right, but the method has great potential to work as an in-pack communications solution or for trialling and sampling across any range of branded packaged goods.

Fears about manufacturing deadlines have led to some reluctance to include inserts of this nature, but Mailway was able to perfect a way of printing and wrapping the inserts at a high enough volume and on time.
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