Sunpaq's European invasion

Sunday 1 July 2007

Mailway Packaging Solutions is officially introducing one of the United States’ most innovative forms of retail display packaging into Europe.

Fully recyclable and with 80million US unit sales per annum to demonstrate its marketability, Sunpaq is a premium visual carded packaging option that combines the best of blister, skin and shrink packaging solutions to deliver high point-of-purchase impact and maximum shelf appeal.

This is made possible through a unique structural technology that means products can be displayed with total visibility, both front and back.

Tim Lees, managing director for Mailway Packaging Solutions said: “Sunpaq ® offers retailers more display options than many other packaging solutions on the market, but also due to its fully recyclable nature and it cost level against competitive formats.

“The scope for the format is huge with any number of product markets being a major target for the format. We are very pleased we are now able to offer the market a cost effective, recyclable solution to so many retail packaging applications.”

With the versatility to be hung on pegboards or used as stand alone formats, SunPaq® will be available in five different styles – frame view, side-fold, stand-up, see-thru and as a carton insert to replace expensive vac-trays

These different styles all utilise the same tough, yet thin, film product-cover that protects the product and enhances its appearance. Shaped cards can also be used with every style, while the potential also exists for left-hand / right-hand complementing product placements – a promotional technique that not only increases the appeal of a product, but also dramatically increases shelf density.