Packing Chilled Products

Tuesday 1 May 2007

Mailway Packaging Solutions has reaped the benefits of well-planned investment by winning contracts to pack chilled products for a number of market leading companies, amongst them Unilever Best Foods.

Extending regular contract packaging solutions to incorporate chilled facilities, Mailway has seen a number of new projects across their current client base as well as high profile projects for brands such as Flora.

Tim Lees, Mailway's managing director, said,

“We have close working relationships with a number of our major clients, which allows us to get involved with everything from pack design to packaging supply, so we’re also able to identify areas that would speed up production efficiency.”

This proactive approach has seen Mailway move from glued skillet end promotional cartons that were initially produced on semi-automatic lines to a more automated production line that has increased capacity by 125 per cent, enabling the Bradford-based company to meet more volume demands and provide more cost effective solutions.